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Holding Brasil offers support for different types of visas. Especially for people wishing to live and / or buy property in Brazil.

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Real Estate Brokerage


The investment on real estate in Brazil is a growing trend, and today represents an excellent business for a number of factors...

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The aim of our group is to discover and develop young talents who wish to achieve important goals, and assisting them...

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Mediation Italy-Brazil

intermediazioni-piccoloFollowing several years of business and trade relations and cultural relations between Brazil and Italy, our Group has specialized in brokering relationships with the main goal to create a commercial and cultural bridge between the two countries.

This form of mediation can be extended to different fields ranging from commercial franchising, import / export of products and materials both Brazilian and Italian, investment property, but also investment in human capital through sport, and exchanges in cultural and artistic as specified in the page "art."

In particular, we are always looking for new forms of investment that can exploit the enormous potential offered by a country like Brazil that in Forbes magazine, the authoritative voice in the world economy and renowned for its rankings in economics, indicates Brazil how the perfect destination for investment.

Our group through the economic and cultural bridge-Italy Brazil wants to unite the tradition, excellence and quality in the Italian side and power, strength and a desire to emerge from Brazil in order to obtain new forms of investment and meet the demands of investors and the most demanding customers.

School of Samba


Our activities in the cultural area, deals among other things, to an exchange of traditions, culture and music between Italy and Brazil.


Import / Export


Following several years of business and trade relations and cultural relations between Brazil and Italy, our Group has specialized in...



Free Consultation


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Representation of companies


Representation of companies from all over the world. The Group is responsible among other things, for representation of companies that want to expand internationally and invade the Brazilian market. For more information contact:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



arte-piccoloOur office relies on the collaboration of Professor Maria Antonietta Mamone, Professor of History at the Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria, Honorary fellow Calabrian heritage and author of numerous publications on the subject.



fotovoltaico-piccoloSave on your bill and save on carbon dioxide emissions. An investment that promises a return not only in economic terms but also environmental.

Renewable energies are experiencing a period of great development in the world with a more and more important role in energy balance. Water, wind, but above the sun to produce, through technology photovoltaics, clean and safe energy.


Carbon Credit Trading

co2Carbon credits or Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) are certificates issued to an agent that has reduced its emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

By convention, a ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) corresponds to a carbon credit. This credit can be traded in the international market. Reducing the emission of other gases, also generators of greenhouse gases, can also be converted into carbon credits, using the concept of Carbon Equivalent.

  • Representation of companies

    Representation of companies

  • Art


  • Photovoltaics


  • Carbon Credit Trading

    Carbon Credit Trading